My big ‘little’ friend ………

My big “little” friend …


In recent years I have constantly wondered what is going on in that head of yours. In addition, I felt your reoccurring inner struggles and frustrations. The realization that I have not always been able to help you stings and sometimes makes me sad.


You have been a beautiful boy for 8 years now and we have finally reached a diagnosis. Relieved? I really can’t give a good answer to that. Of course, I would have liked it differently for you, but I also realize that this is not the end of the world ………


It is just our start! We will start with the knowledge that the future will only get better for you.

Apparently, you are “different” from most others. That it doesn’t do anything to me is a lie, however not because I would be ashamed for the environment or that I have to explain to family and friends what it is exactly. It is mainly because I hope there will be no obstacles on the path to the rest of your life.


We have had some difficult moments in recent years, but Mom and Dad have always tried to listen to you and have also made the right choices. One thing is certain – we have flooded you with love.

Autism, it’s a hell of a word but we’re going to deal with that.


Dex, we are going to make something of it …. Dad and Mom will help you to overcome all obstacles. If you can’t do something, I’ll be there, and we’ll do it together. Do you feel like you’re not understood? I will always understand you, and whilst things may go wrong for a while, you will get all my love and that for the rest of your life.


You should know that Dad is proud of you and Raf. You are my best friends and I can handle the whole world with you.


To the moon and back…. My big “little” friend!

Big kiss, Daddy!

KOEKIE Autisme BegeleidingMy big ‘little’ friend ………

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